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Body Sculpting

Do you want to see positive changes in your body? Our body sculpting technologies can help you reduce pockets of unwanted body fat without surgery using ultrasound, radiofrequency, infrared and more to target fat cells.

UltraShape® Power

Harness the power of ultrasound to eliminate fat cells.

VelaShape® III

Heat-powered cellulite reduction technology.

Where relaxation and science meet.

We believe it’s possible to combine the advanced dermatological treatments you need with the spa-like environment you want. At Balance MedSpa, we don’t chase trends or name brands. We’re committed to getting you the best results using modern technologies and techniques while catering to your individual preferences and skin type.

We put the spa in MedSpa.

Our customers expect the best of both worlds. We deliver with a high-end, relaxing spa experience and powerful skin care treatments performed by qualified professionals.

"Relaxing environment, great treatments, amazing staff."

- Jenni S.

UltraShape® Power

This device uses pulsing ultra sound to target fat cells and does so without impacting any of the other surrounding tissues. Once the fat has been treated it is eliminated from the body. These powerful results come with no downtime and are nearly painless.

VelaShape® III

Using a combination of heat, vacuum, infrared light, and radiofrequency, this treatment is used to contour the body and smooth the appearance of cellulite. Our patients have experienced excellent results from this treatment.