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Can Balance MedSpa Help Me Reduce the Appearance of My Cellulite?

Ah, cellulite. Once it starts appearing on your thighs or belly, it can make you feel self-conscious. Cellulite is just lumpy, dimpled flesh. It’s harmless, common, and doesn’t indicate that you’re unhealthy in any way, but that doesn’t mean you have to just go on living with it if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are many treatments available for cellulite, but they are not all equally effective. Cellulite creams or gels from your local pharmacy are unlikely to offer much improvement. Massage may lead to temporary improvements, but many patients don’t feel the results are worth the time and cost. That’s why we at Balance MedSpa are so proud to offer a top-of-the-line alternative: VelaShape® III.

What Is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is a non-invasive treatment designed specifically for body contouring and cellulite reduction. There are no needles, no incisions, and the treatment actually works.

VelaShape III relies on a combination or infrared light (IR) and radiofrequency energy (RF) to penetrate the fat cells and connective tissues beneath your skin. It works to break up cellulite and stimulate the growth of new, healthy tissue with a more ideal texture and volume.

Treatment Areas

VelaShape III can be used basically anywhere that you have bothersome cellulite. The most common treatment areas are the thighs and buttocks. However, if you have cellulite on your arms, flanks, or abdomen, your practitioner can use it to treat those areas, too. If you have multiple areas to be treated, they can usually all be treated during the same visit.

What To Expect

The process of being treated with VelaShape is really simple – at least from the patient’s perspective. When you arrive at the medical spa, your practitioner will have you change into a gown or similar apparel. Then, you’ll lay down on a comfortable treatment table while your practitioner uses the special, VelaShape instrument to deliver a combination of IR and RF waves to your skin.

VelaShape does not hurt. You’ll feel a gentle, warming sensation as the tool does its job. Some patients even find this sensation relaxing and pleasant. Most sessions take about 30 minutes, although your session may be a bit longer if you have multiple areas to be treated.


After your VelaShape treatment, you’ll need to exercise a little patience. Most patients have some mild soreness and bruising in the treatment area, but this dissipates within a few days. As your body starts reducing the cellulite in the treated areas, you’ll notice your skin begins to look smoother and less dimpled. Your full results should be visible about 6 weeks after treatment.

Most patients need about three VelaShape sessions to reduce cellulite to the desired level. Your practitioner will space these treatments apart based on how quickly you heal. Your results will become more and more apparent with each subsequent treatment.


If you want to reduce cellulite, VelaShape is one of the safest options available. The original system was FDA approved in 2007, and it has a long track record of safety. Side effects are minor and may include post-treatment bruising, soreness, and redness.

With VelaShape, you don’t have to worry about the risk of infection as you do with surgical treatments. There’s also no potential for scarring.

Can VelaShape Help You Lose Weight?

No, VelaShape is not considered a weight loss procedure and should not be used as such. Its primary use is for cellulite reduction, although it also offers some general toning and spot-reduction benefits.

The ideal candidate for VelaShape is someone with a BMI under 30. This candidate may be using diet and exercise to lose weight, but they’re still unhappy with the appearance of certain body parts due to the presence of cellulite. Many patients lose the weight they want to lose and then follow up with a series of VelaShape treatments.

Can VelaShape Treat All Stages of Cellulite?

There are three stages of cellulite. Stage 1 is when your skin only has the dimpled, orange peel appearance when pinched. Stage 2 is when the dimpling is obvious when you’re standing, but not so much when you’re lying down. In stage 3, the cellulite is obvious regardless of your body position.

VelaShape can reduce cellulite very effectively in patients with stage 1 or stage 2 cellulite. It’s less effective for patients with stage 3 cellulite. So, if you’ve been noticing your cellulite start to worsen, the best time to seek treatment is right now.

If you’d like to learn more about VelaShape and our other non-invasive treatments, schedule a consultation with Balance MedSpa. Dr. Judge, our dermatologist, is proud to offer high-quality, personalized care to patients in Orlando and the surrounding areas.


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