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How LED Light Therapy Can Help Me With My Skin Issues

LED light therapy and its skin healing benefits have been in use since the 1990s, when NASA began studying the ways LED lights facilitated wound healing in astronauts. Their research’s positive results led to its use in a range of other clinical and non-clinical settings, including its use in treating skin issues.

Dermatologists and Estheticians Routinely Use LED Light Therapy 

Today, dermatologists and estheticians worldwide use LED therapy to treat several common skin issues and reduce age-related skin conditions. However, this technology is very specific and should not be used without professional guidance.

If you are interested in learning more about LED light therapy, or are tempted to purchase a home system, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation at a MedSpa. There, a licensed dermatologist and certified estheticians can accurately diagnose dermatological concerns to determine whether LED light makes sense. The last thing you want is to invest in the wrong treatments or do further harm to your skin because you’ve self-administered a “treatment” that does more harm than good.

Common Skin Issues Treated With LED Lights

LED light therapy uses two separate light spectrums – red and blue – to penetrate different skin layers. While research is still being done on how these different spectrums stimulate healing, studies indicate they stimulate cell regeneration. This includes stimulating collagen production, a process that declines as we age.

Some of the most common skin issues treated or addressed using unique LED light systems include:

Mild to moderate acne

Clients with mild to moderate acne benefit from the blue light spectrum. Blue light waves penetrate the outermost layers of skin. Its rays pack a two-layer punch, soothing overactive sebaceous (oil) glands and minimizing their ability to clog the pores. Blue light waves also kill one of the most common acne-causing bacteria. Cutibacterium acnes, (Harvard). Your esthetician may also incorporate red light therapy, which can help to reduce inflammation.

Eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea

The causes of these irritating skin conditions vary from genetics and lifestyle factors to allergic responses and sensitivities. However, inflammation is a common denominator for all of them. Studies show that light therapy quells the inflammatory response and can also catalyze cellular regeneration that minimizes or eliminates the outbreaks (NIH).

Sun damage

With expert supervision, LED therapies can treat some types of sun damage and may also be used to treat minor and superficial basal cell carcinoma (BCC). However, incorrect use of light therapy can also cause damage or skin cancers, which is one of the reasons why you should only seek light therapy through clinics or MedSpas supervised by board-certified dermatologists.

Wrinkles and fine lines

Boosting collagen production helps to restore the skin’s youthful elasticity and fullness. This is why many clients find incorporating LED light therapy and other anti-aging services provides a full-spectrum approach to eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, revealing the refreshed skin layers below.

Hair loss

Men aren’t the only ones prone to age- or hormone-related hair loss. Women are vulnerable to male-pattern baldness due to hormonal imbalances like PCOS or during menopause when women experience a decrease in estrogen and increased production of male hormone production.

We treat male and female clients who are sensitive about thinning hair and can incorporate LED therapy to stimulate hair follicle activity. Red light has also been shown to extend the amount of time hair follicles remain active (anagen) before they go into their wind down (catagen) and resting (telogen) stages (NIH).

Safety is Essential When Using Professional Skin & Light Therapies

We can’t emphasize safety enough when it comes to the use of LED light therapies and other skin treatments. Several factors need to be in place before you can proceed at home.

1. Accurate diagnosis by a board-certified dermatologist

It’s easy to mistake one condition for another or not identify the underlying cause of a particular skin condition. An accurate diagnosis from a board-certified dermatologist, and treatment by licensed estheticians, means skin conditions are treated using a full-spectrum approach, including targeted tools and products.

2. Continued supervision

Most conditions treated by blue and red LED light require a multi-layered approach and trained supervision to achieve your skincare goals. Clinical skincare professionals must establish whether the protocol is working – and how to adapt it to suit inevitable changes over time.

3. Customized combinations

There are no one-size-fits-all skincare treatments. Full-spectrum skincare requires a customized daily skincare routine and professional treatments administered by MedSpa professionals – all curated in real-time depending on your skin’s needs.

Let Balance MedSpa Design LED Light Therapy For Your Skin

Schedule your consultation at Balance MedSpa and benefit from luxurious skin treatments that pair clinical, scientific expertise with soothing and rejuvenating spa services. We’ll determine whether LED therapies are a good fit for your skin condition and how to continue professional-level treatments at home.


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