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Non-Invasive Treatments to Obtain Fuller Lips

Have your lips lost volume with age? Or have you always wished your lips were a little fuller? Or maybe you just wish your natural lips were given more of a spotlight on your face. In any case, you don’t have to resort to surgery to make this happen. There are several non-invasive treatments that can give you long-lasting fullness or even enhance your natural smile. The best part of these treatments is that they can all be customized. Aim for a natural look, or turn up the drama.

Here are the top non-invasive treatments Balance MedSpa recommends for your lips:

Dermal Fillers

Your lips lose collagen as you age; that’s one of the main reasons they begin to look thinner and flatter. Dermal filler injections can replace that collagen. These treatments physically add volume beneath the skin, making your lips look plump and full of life.

Dermal fillers can create dramatic results or a more natural look. There’s plenty of room for customization. Your practitioner can use a little filler for a more subtle look, or lots of filler for maximum plumping. Some patients want just a tiny bit of filler in their upper lip to give it more shape. During your consultation, your practitioner can show you images of what your lips may look like with different amounts of filler. It’s really helpful to visualize your options.

Popular Fillers

There are many different fillers on the market, each with its own pros and cons. One of the most commonly used lip fillers is called Restylane. It contains hyaluronic acid, a compound that your skin produces naturally. Restylane will add volume to your lips without reducing mobility. You’ll still be able to smile, talk, and frown with full expression.

Results and Recovery

The results of dermal filler injections can last a year, and sometimes even longer. Many patients find that each time they have injections, the results last a little longer.

After filler injections, you may experience some soreness and redness for a few days, but these side effects soon dissipate. You’ll need to avoid wearing lipstick and other cosmetics for a couple of days after your filler injections. This helps ensure the injection sites heal properly.


Botox falls into a class of substances called neurotoxins. When injected beneath the skin, these substances temporarily “turn off” the nerves associated with certain muscles. In doing so, they stop you from using those muscles, which can help train your face to relax and take on a smoother appearance.

While Balance MedSpa does not use Botox directly in the lips, we do often inject it around the mouth and to the side of the lips. When injected in this area, Botox helps correct wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin in the area more taut. This can call more attention to your lips and make them look more youthful. Often, correcting wrinkles to the sides of the lips makes the lips themselves look more toned, too.

Results and Recovery

While your skin may be a little swollen and sore for a day or two after Botox injections, your full results should be apparent within several days. You can go right back to work after Botox injections; there’s no true recovery period needed. At first, your skin may feel a little tight and awkward. But before long, your muscles will adapt, and you will no longer notice the change in mobility.

Often, thinning lips are accompanied by fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. A few shots of Botox around the lips can further ease the appearance of these fine lines and make your entire smile look more youthful. If you’re not quite ready for lip filler, a little Botox around your mouth can call more attention to your natural lips. Alternatively, some patients opt for lip filler plus a little Botox around their lips. We can discuss all the options available and build a custom plan just for you.

There’s no need to go under the knife for fuller lips. If you wish your lips had more volume, schedule a consultation with Balance MedSpa. Our trained practitioners will examine your lips, talk to you about your goals, and recommend non-invasive treatments that are right for you.


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