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Non-Invasive Ways to Shape My Body the Way I Want it

When the reality of your body doesn’t match your vision, it’s time to think about healthy, non-invasive alternatives. And, while there are many ways to reshape your body – including invasive surgical options ranging from gastric sleeves and bypasses to liposuction, implants, and more – we recommend turning to gentler methods first.

4 Non-Surgical Options to Reshape Your Body

In addition to high-cost risks, invasive body sculpting methods often lead to a slippery slope. What starts out as a little nip and tuck here, or augmentation and surgical alterations there, can lead to a scary looking you that can never go back. Again, we don’t want to point fingers or hurt anyone’s feelings, but a casual glance at grocery store pop-culture magazines or internet gossip sites and you know exactly what can happen when people take surgical surface “enhancements” past where they were meant to go.

Instead, we recommend doing all you can to reshape your body in no-risk, non-invasive ways – all of which help (rather than harm) you.

1. UltraShape Power Sessions

This incredible machine is the first and only FDA-approved method for the non-invasive reduction of fat tissue and body contouring. By intentionally and methodically focusing ultrasound waves at marked target areas, UltraShape Power body sculpting sessions eliminate fat stores.

By targeting the fat cells you don’t want, we use gentle ultrasound waves to banish fat without compromising surrounding vascular, muscle, or skin tissue. Once clients finish their final body shaping session (determined by their overall goals and body shape), studies show that UltraShape Power sessions eliminate as much as 32% of fat tissues without any downtime.

When you consider that you’ll lose 32% of unwanted fat without any anesthetic, surgical wounds, post-op swelling, visible stitching, or the unavoidable pain associated with cosmetic surgery, UltraShape Power Sessions are a remarkable option to get the body you want without any unnecessary risk or discomfort.

Most clients schedule at least three UltraShape Power sessions two weeks apart. More sessions may be scheduled depending on the client’s goals. The great news is that with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle (see #4), eradicated fat cells don’t grow back.

2. Schedule a Meeting with Vela Shape III

Many clients are generally happy with their overall weight but want to eliminate rippled, dimpled, or uneven skin surfaces resulting from cellulite. Or, clients benefitting from UltraShape Power sessions might follow them up with Vela Shape III appointments to continue their body-shaping goals.

Cellulite forms when fibers that hold fat together break down or rupture. Ultimately, this is the result of collagen reduction. So, the more prone you are to thin and wrinkled skin, the more likely you are to develop cellulite. Our Vela Shape III sessions target areas of the skin using a combination of vacuum suction, infrared (IR) light, and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) technology. We use the Vela Shape III sessions to gently heat the fat and skin tissues in targeted areas, promoting collagen production and firming back up.

Most patients schedule at least three sessions, but no more than six, and notice smooth, improved body shape that lasts for four to six months or longer.

3. Rejuvenating Treatments

The loss or lack of collagen leading to cellulite is the same reason we tend to have thinner, saggier, and wrinkled skin as we age. Therefore, non-invasive treatments that boost collagen production and smooth skin texture also sculpt the skin and underlying tissues back to a more firm and youthful appearance.

Some rejuvenating treatments available for your face and other body areas include Pellevue, EMatrix, Infini Microneedling, HydraFacial sessions, and more. The effects of these sessions are best maintained by scheduling maintenance sessions and regular facials that keep the skin purified, hydrated, and infused with supportive serums and boosters. Our body sculpting and rejuvenating services/treatments can be customized to even the most sensitive skin types.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of positive lifestyle choices when maintaining the effects of body sculpting sessions. Looking and feeling your best is rooted in a healthy diet, hydration, daily doses of moderate exercise, UV sun protection, and quitting unhealthy habits.

Prioritizing sleep and stress management are two more healthy lifestyle choices that ensure your body sculpting sessions keep you radiant from the inside out. The healthier you are, the more collagen your body produces and the younger you’ll look.

Schedule a Body Sculpting Consultation at Balance MedSpa

Are you ready to use non-invasive body sculpting services that eliminate the need for more risky surgical options? Schedule a consultation with the team of certified dermatologists and licensed estheticians at Balance MedSpa. We absolutely love watching our clients’ amazement as these gentle but effective services yield the body and skin tone they’ve dreamed of.


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