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The 4 Treatments Available for the Body at Balance MedSpa

You deserve to feel good in your body. You deserve to feel confident, aligned, and at-ease when you put on your favorite outfit or meet an old friend for coffee. At Balance MedSpa, we believe that every body is beautiful in its own, unique ways. However, we also know that dealing with certain bodily concerns can come with a much-needed boost in confidence. Are you ready for that boost? If so, keep reading to learn about four of the most popular types of body treatments available at our Orlando medspa.

Lasers and Cosmetic Devices

Laser, light, and energy-based treatments have taken the world by storm, and for good reason! These treatments are all non-invasive, easy to administer, and come with a short recovery time. While our clients usually think of laser-based and light-based treatments as being for the face, we can and do also use laser and cosmetic devices on other body parts.

Some of the most sought-after cosmetic devices we use include:


IPL is also known as phototherapy. This treatment introduces specific wavelengths of light to your skin. Highly pigmented skin absorbs more of the light than lighter-toned skin. As a result, after the treatment, age spots and other dark patches will lose their outer skin cells, revealing fresh, new skin beneath. In this way, IPL can help ease the appearance of sunspots and age spots in areas like your chest, upper back, and arms.


Do you have loose or sagging skin in areas like your upper arms or torso? Infiniti is a treatment that uses radio frequency waves to tighten and tone your skin. The RF waves stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, which causes an improvement in elasticity and tone. Infini is a great alternative to surgical body treatments for those who struggle with wrinkles and thinning skin.

Gentle YAG

Excessive body hair can be embarrassing. Shaving is a good temporary solution, but it can leave undesirable stubble and razor burn. A better alternative is Gentle YAG, a laser hair removal treatment that’s ideal for a range of skin tones and hair colors. The laser specifically targets and deactivates your hair follicles, so you get long-lasting results.

Waxing Services

Another way to deal with unwanted body hair is through waxing. You may have had your upper lip or eyebrows waxed at some point. Having your legs, underarms or other body parts waxed is quite similar. However, since the area being treated is larger, it is even more important that you work with a skilled and experienced practitioner. This will help ensure you get good results and remain comfortable.

Waxing lasts longer than shaving. It can also be a better choice for dry, sensitive skin. Plus, you won’t have stubble to deal with a few days post-treatment.

Body Sculpting

Cellulite. Love handles. That annoying pocket of fat on your tummy. These aren’t concerns that people love to talk about, but they’re concerns many of us share! Luckily, you don’t have to go under the knife or undergo liposuction to address these concerns. Balance MedSpa proudly offers two non-invasive body sculpting procedures that will help you get the results you desire with little to no discomfort.

UltraShape Power is a treatment that uses pulses of sound to target fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues. Following treatment, your body will naturally release this fat.

VelaShape III is another treatment that uses heat, vacuum pressure, and radio waves to combat cellulite. The results are remarkable. Many of our clients have tried countless creams and balms for cellulite with little progress. But, with VelaShape III, they notice their skin becomes noticeably smoother and more contoured.


Since they are called “facials,” clients often assume that these treatments are for their face, only. Indeed, we do offer some facials that are specifically designed to address facial skincare needs. However, we also offer a Back Clarifying Facial that clients absolutely love for body confidence.

Our Back Clarifying Facial starts with a cleansing and exfoliation process. Then, we use steam to soften pore contents so we can easily treat any clogged pores. If you have any blackheads or blemishes, we can gently extract them. We finish up with a calming mask, which helps keep the skin on your back clear and blemish-free for weeks to come.

Your body matters, and the way you feel in your body absolutely matters. If you’re interested in learning more about these body treatments, schedule a consultation with Balance MedSpa. Whether you’re worried about cellulite, age spots, unwanted hair, or saggy skin, we have a non-invasive option that will work wonders.


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