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The Mini-INFINI Gives Patients Better Results – Here’s How

The buzz around microneedling continues to grow as more and more clients learn about this incredible way to stimulate collagen production and skin cell rejuvenation in the deep layers of the skin.

Microneedling treats various skin conditions or blemishes, especially those that require treatments that penetrate below the surface layers. It’s used most successfully to diminish or eliminate:

However, long-term microneedling results depend entirely on the quality of the tool used to perform that job and the technician’s expertise. Without accurate assessment and professional treatment, adults risk poor outcomes or permanent damage to their skin.

The Mini-INFINI Uses Two Scientific Innovations

Here at Balance MedSpa, our board-certified dermatologist and licensed estheticians use the Mini-INFINI, considered the highest-quality microneedling equipment in the industry.

The INFINI combines two scientifically backed skincare treatments -fractional radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling- to enhance client outcomes. Most tools using the healing properties of RF can only treat the surface skin layers (epidermis). By pairing that technology with a microneedling device, we can send RF into the deeper layers of the skin (dermis), yielding more long-term healing benefits.

RF + Microneedling: A Doubly-Powerful Skincare Treatment

There are several ways the Mini-INFINI excels in giving patients better results.

1. INFINI uses more needles than standard devices

The INFINI microneedling tool has 49 tiny gold needles ready to work on your skin. This is an ideal amount – more than most standard devices with anywhere from 12 to 30 needles, but not so many needles that you risk over-puncturing the skin.

This device was designed to deliver the most impactful amount of puncturing necessary to catalyze skin healing and collagen boosting while minimizing the amount of skin irritation or downtime required afterward.

2. Deep tissue repair

Microneedling technology leverages the body’s natural healing processes to stimulate the growth of younger, smoother, and healthier skin. By puncturing the skin’s epidermis and dermis layers, we automatically trigger the healing response.

Additionally, the mini-INFINIs RF (electrical energy) capabilities also generate a moderate but potent amount of heat. This is intentional because collagen production is the faster and most effective when it has direct contact with a heat source such as radiofrequency energy (RF), light (IPL), or lasers.

3. Eradication of scars and other skin blemishes

Again, the deep tissue effects are why INFINI is so successful at treating scars, including acne scars and stretch marks. Unlike chemical peels, which are absolutely useful for more superficial skin issues, microneedling gets below the upper layers. Hence, fresh skin production occurs from the bottom up – rather than the top down. This is more effective and long-lasting.

4. It is approved for use on all skin types and shades

Patients with sensitive skin often wonder whether or not they can integrate microneedling into their MedSpa routine. The great news is that not only is microneedling approved for clients with sensitive skin, but it is also approved for clients of African-, Asian-, or Hispanic descent.

Unlike laser treatments, which pose a risk of pigmentary problems for anyone with higher melanin content, microneedling stimulates the individual’s skin repair and rejuvenation processes, so there is no risk of pigment changes. This is evidenced by microneedling being a first-line treatment choice for clients with uneven skin tone.

5. Enhances the healing properties of customized serums

MedSpa estheticians will determine which serums and other topical treatments are best for your skin care needs during your consult. Applying these serums during and after a microneedling session allows these personalized treatments to penetrate far deeper than they normally would.

It’s like getting a cosmetic procedure and facial in one, and there’s no need to schedule a facial for at least another two weeks.

Verify Microneedling Is The Best Treatment Choice For You

Professional skincare consultations are essential before scheduling any microneedling session. Some patients believe they need microneedling, only to find out other skin treatment services are better suited to their needs. Sadly, we also see patients pursue microneedling from poorly qualified technicians or estheticians with low-quality tools. The results are unfortunate.

Scheduling an initial consultation with a reputable, highly qualified MedSpa is the only way to determine whether microneedling is for you and how many treatment sessions are appropriate for your goals without going overboard and damaging your skin.

Schedule a Mini-INFINI Consultation With Balance Med Spa

Are you interested in learning more about whether microneedling is the answer to your skin concerns? Schedule a consultation with Balance MedSpa, where we create luxurious spa experiences using the latest in scientific innovations.


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