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Waxing Services that Balance MedSpa Provides to our Clients

Are you tired of having to shave every day? Shaving is a common way to deal with unwanted body hair, but it has a lot of limitations. The stubble grows back so quickly. There’s also a risk of cutting yourself, and the cost of razors always seems to be rising. The good news is that you can make a change. Professional waxing is an excellent alternative to shaving. It’s safe, reliable, and the results last so much longer.

At Balance MedSpa, our highly trained practitioners are proud to offer premium waxing services. We love watching clients feel their newly waxed skin and admire the smooth, stubble-free results in the mirror. The following are the most common waxing services we provide for our clients.

Eyebrow Shaping

What eyebrow shape is the best? That really depends on your face shape, eye shape, and the density of your brow hairs. Our practitioners can work with you to choose a newer, more flattering brow shape. Or, they can enhance the shape you already have.

If you feel like your eyebrows are not calling enough attention to your eyes, we can adjust your shape for some natural enhancement. Once we’ve settled on the perfect shape for you, we’ll use wax to remove unwanted hairs, leaving a perfectly crisp brow line.

Eyebrow Cleanup

Fresh, tidy brows are always in style. Whether you prefer thicker or thinner brows, regular waxing will prevent those stray brow hairs from ruining your look. If you want to keep your current brow shape but tidy it up, we can wax around the edges and re-crisp those lines.

We definitely recommend waxing over plucking when you tidy your eyebrows. It’s so easy to accidentally over-pluck when you’re holding a pair of tweezers and staring into your bathroom mirror. Our practitioners will be sure to maintain your brow density when cleaning up your edges.

Upper Lip

Many women feel self-conscious about their “mustaches.” Does it help to know you’re not alone? Some women have unwanted hair on their lips from an early age – and almost everyone else grows some eventually. Shaving your upper lip can result in nicks that are even more obvious than a few stray hairs. So, waxing is a great alternative.

When we wax your upper lip, the wax doesn’t just remove those long, straggly hairs you might grab with tweezers. It also removes the finer hair. As a result, women often find that their lipstick, lip liner, and concealer go on more smoothly after they have their upper lip waxed.


Women often grow chin hair when they approach menopause, or when they experience other changes in hormone levels. Some chin hairs may be long, obvious, and easy to pluck. But as your chin hair becomes more prominent, plucking may no longer do the trick. Waxing can remove all of those unwanted chin hairs at once, leaving you with soft, feminine skin.

Full Face

If you’ve ever looked at your skin in a magnifying mirror, you’ve probably noticed lots of tiny, baby hairs. Most women even have these short, fuzzy hairs on their cheeks. While this facial hair is normal and natural, it can interfere with makeup application. Plus, as you grow older, it can become thicker and more noticeable.

Our professional waxers routinely perform full-face waxing sessions. They’re popular with women who want a fresh-faced look without a lot of makeup, and also with those who want flawless makeup application.


The underarm area has to be the hardest area to shave. You have to look in the mirror to see it, and even then, you may not be able to see clearly. The skin in this area is sensitive, and the contours of your underarm make it hard to remove hair from certain crevices. Put down that razor; it’s time for a wax.

When women visit us for an underarm wax, they can’t help but smile when the service is over. Having smooth, hairless underarms can make your whole body feel fresh and clean. You can wear those sleeveless shirts and tanks with confidence.

Unwanted body hair is a true annoyance, but shaving is so last year. If you’re feeling frustrated with your razor, set it down and contact Balance MedSpa. Our waxing services will give you the smooth, luxurious results you’re seeking without the worry of bumps, nicks, and stubble.


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