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What Treatments Can Help with Furrowed Brows?

Do you have deep furrows or folds across your brow? Furrowed brows often become more prominent as you age. Some people notice them when they frown or make other facial expressions, and others see furrows all the time. In either case, there are several ways to minimize the appearance of furrowed brows – all without undergoing surgery or other extensive procedures.


If your furrows become more visible when you frown, smile, or make other facial expressions, then neurotoxins are a top treatment to consider. These substances are injected into the muscle tissue that lies just beneath your skin. The neurotoxin then prevents these small muscles from contracting fully. In other words, it paralyzes them.

By reducing movement of the muscles beneath your skin, we make your brow furrows far less apparent. You’ll be able to smile, frown, and express yourself without worrying that everyone is staring at the folds between your eyebrows.

There are several safe, effective neurotoxins that work well for brow furrows. Our trained practitioners will examine your skin, talk to you about your goals, and recommend the neurotoxin that best suits your needs.

The best-known neurotoxin is Botox. It’s so popular that it’s practically a household name! Botox is FDA approved, has a long track record of safety, and causes few to no side effects when administered by a qualified medical professional like those at Balance MedSpa. The results of Botox injections typically last several months. When you notice furrows starting to appear again, you can schedule another appointment.

Another well-known neurotoxin is Dysport. This product works especially well for eyebrow furrows. It yields very natural-looking results, even for those with deep and obvious furrows. You won’t look frozen and emotionless. The results of Dysport come about almost instantly and can last up to 5 months.

While the idea of paralyzing your muscles may sound scary at first, it’s important to note that neurotoxins are only used to paralyze a few, tiny muscles that control the movement of your skin. Otherwise, you’ll still be able to move and emote as usual. The sensation may feel a bit strange for a few days, but most patients get used to it quickly.

Dermal Fillers

Are your brow furrows visible even when your face is relaxed? In this case, you may want to consider dermal fillers. Filler injections add volume to your skin, essentially filling in areas where you have fine lines and wrinkles. They work especially well for the vertical wrinkles that often appear alongside eyebrow furrows.

Most of today’s most popular and effective dermal fillers contain a substance called hyaluronic acid. Your skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid, but the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin decreases with age, which contributes to wrinkle formation. By injecting hyaluronic acid into your skin, we can reverse some of those signs of aging, yielding a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Juvederm is one filler that works well for wrinkles between the eyebrows. The results are immediately apparent and typically last about a year. You might have some mild swelling and bruising after your injections, but there is no true downtime required.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to neurotoxin and filler injections, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce the appearance of brow furrows and keep them from worsening. You can make these changes in addition to seeking treatment at a MedSpa.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin will look more plump with fewer apparent folds and wrinkles if you’re well hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you so that you remember to drink throughout the day. You may also add some fresh fruit or a little lemon juice to make the water more enticing.

Use Sun Protection

Sun damage can make eyebrow furrows worse. Make sure you’re applying sunscreen before sun exposure. You may also want to wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your forehead and eyes from the sun.


If you’re stressed out and scowling all of the time, your furrows will be more obvious. So, take steps to help relieve stress so you can relax. This might mean taking a yoga class, going to bed an hour earlier, or meditating more often.

Eat Foods High in Collagen

Most people experience a reduction in collagen levels as they age. This can contribute to the formation of brow wrinkles. Try to include more collagen-rich foods in your diet. Shellfish, egg whites, and bone broth are all good options.

If furrowed brows are bothering you, there are plenty of ways that we can help. Schedule a consultation to learn more about neurotoxins, fillers, and other non-invasive treatments we offer here at Balance MedSpa.


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