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The Non-Invasive Laser and Cosmetic Procedure Options Available to Our Clients

Not long ago, if you had cosmetic skin concerns, your only options were surgeries and other invasive procedures. Luckily, science and medicine have come a long way in recent decades. Now, there are many non-invasive procedures that can give you the same – if not better – results. These non-invasive procedures are safer, less painful, and come with little to no recovery time. Here are some of the most popular laser and cosmetic procedures we offer at Balance MedSpa.

IPL or Photofacials

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” This facial procedure treats your skin with pulses of concentrated light within a certain range of wavelengths. The light penetrates through your epidermis, which is the outer layer of your skin, and destroys your most pigmented skin cells. Your body then absorbs these skin cells in the weeks that follow.

IPL is excellent for correcting pigmentation concerns such as sun spots and age spots. Most people need between three and six treatments to get the results they desire. You can expect some redness and mild swelling after IPL, but it dissipates within a few days, at most.


If you have skin discoloration that tends towards redness, V-Beam is one of the best non-invasive procedures to consider. We often recommend it for patients with redness from rosacea. It also works well to diminish the appearance of visible blood vessels.

V-Beam is a laser-based procedure. The laser specifically targets blood vessels and discolored scar tissue while causing minimal damage to the surrounding skin cells. In the days following treatment, your body will eliminate the damaged blood vessel tissue as a part of your natural healing process.

V-Beam works well for all skin types, and the results are visible within days. A treatment session only lasts about 30 minutes, so you can schedule it on your lunch break if needed.

Some people report feeling a snapping sensation during V-Beam treatments. Others barely feel a thing. However, V-Beam is never overtly painful.


Has your skin lost tone with age? Maybe you’ve been considering a full or mini facelift to tone your face. Before you consult a surgeon, try Infini. This non-invasive procedure uses radiofrequency to increase your skin’s natural production of collagen, which results in a tighter, toned, youthful appearance.

To perform an Infini procedure, your practitioner begins by inserting tiny needles into the surface of your skin. They’ll adjust the depth of the needles to target different layers of your skin. Then, your practitioner will use a special instrument to deliver radiofrequency through the needles. The RF will cause microscopic damage to your skin tissue. This will prompt your skin to heal, and as a part of that healing process, more collagen and elastin will be produced.

It will take a few weeks to see the full results of Infini. Most patients need several treatments to get the results they desire. Infini is an excellent choice for toning the skin around your brow line, jawline, and even your chest and neck.

CO2 Treatments

CO2 treatments have become quite popular with our patients. These non-invasive procedures address three common skin concerns at once: laxity, tone, and texture. Concentrated CO2 passes over your skin, removing the outer, damaged layers of your skin to reveal the fresher, newer skin below.

After a CO2 treatment, patients notice their skin tone becomes more uniform. They also report fewer fine lines, a more even skin texture, and less obvious wrinkles. While you will see some improvement immediately, the results will be at their peak about a month post-treatment. Most people only need one session, and the results can last several months, if not longer.

There is no required downtime after a CO2 treatment. Some people do experience some post-treatment swelling, but applying an ice pack to the area can help.

Photodynamic Treatments

Have you noticed signs of sun damage, such as dark spots or thinning skin? We suggest considering photodynamic treatments. These treatments take place in two steps. First, we apply a special, amino acid solution to your face. Then, we use a special device to aim concentrated light at the area to be treated.

Photodynamic treatments can help reverse dark spots. They can even be used to address pre-cancerous skin lesions, in some cases. The entire procedure usually takes 45 minutes or less, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Photodynamic treatment can be a bit uncomfortable, but your practitioner can use a numbing agent to minimize your discomfort. You’ll simply need to stay out of the sun for a few weeks as you heal.

Gentle YAG®

Gentle YAG® is a laser-based hair removal treatment – and certainly one of the best ones available these days. It uses a specific wavelength of energy to target hair while causing minimal damage to the skin. Unlike other hair removal treatments, Gentle YAG is suitable for all skin tones and hair types. The procedure is virtually painless and incredibly safe.

The device used to perform Gentle YAG delivers bursts of oxygen with every pulse. This helps keep your skin cool and comfortable while the laser works. Your practitioner will be able to carefully control the amount of energy and where it is focused, which helps them target hairs in delicate and hard-to-reach areas.

Most patients need several sessions to completely get rid of unwanted hair. However, the results are virtually permanent. If you have a few unwanted hairs pop up later on, you can come back for a touch-up.

We often perform Gentle YAG on patients’ lunch breaks. An upper lip takes about 10 minutes to treat. Larger areas, such as legs, take longer. You can expect some redness and soreness after treatment, but there’s no need to take time off from work or alter your routine.

As you can see, each of these non-invasive procedures has its own benefits. If you’re interested in a certain treatment or are unsure which treatment is best for you, schedule a consultation with Balance MedSpa in Orlando. Our trained, expert practitioners can examine your skin, talk to you about your concerns, and create a customized treatment plan that results in the look you desire.


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