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What is the CO2 Treatment and What Can it Do for Your Skin

Everyone’s heard of CO2, or carbon dioxide. It’s the gas you exhale when breathing, and it’s the gas plants use to produce energy. What you may not know about CO2 is that it has several therapeutic benefits. Most interestingly, CO2 treatments can help resurface your skin and improve its appearance. That’s pretty impressive for a gas that’s all around us! Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at CO2 treatment and how it can benefit your skin.

What Are CO2 Treatments?

CO2 treatments are actually a very specialized type of laser skincare treatment. Powered by CO2, a therapeutic laser emits energy at a very specific wavelength. When energy at this wavelength enters your skin cells, the water inside the skin cells absorb it. This absorption of energy leads to the many benefits associated with CO2 laser treatments.

What Are the Benefits of CO2 Treatments?

When the CO2 laser hits the surface of your skin, it causes cellular changes that cause the outer layers of your skin to slough away. This is similar to what happens when you use an exfoliator or get a chemical peel. However, with the CO2 laser, your practitioner can precisely control where the treatment is applied, and how strongly it is applied. For instance, they can use the laser lightly on more sensitive areas, and more heavily on less sensitive areas.

The sloughing away of skin cells has a number of effects on your skin. Primarily, it stimulates your skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes skin smooth and elastic; it tends to become depleted with age.

The increase in collagen production that occurs after a CO2 treatment can lead to the following benefits:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • A more uniform skin texture
  • Reduced appearance of age spots and scars
  • Fewer blackheads and clogged pores
  • Plump, hydrated, and elastic skin

Expected Recovery and Results

You won’t need to take any downtime after a CO2 treatment, but there is some minor recovery involved. After the treatment, your skin will be a little red, sore, and irritated. You’ll want to stay out of the sun, avoid any harsh cleansers or treatments, and be gentle with your skin during this healing period. Once your skin does heal, that’s when the magic starts.

After a CO2 treatment, your skin begins producing more collagen. The changes will come on slowly as collagen production ramps up. Most patients notice a marked improvement in skin tone and texture within a few weeks of treatment, but the effects may continue developing over the next couple of months.

The effects of a CO2 treatment are long-lasting. Of course, these treatments don’t halt the aging process, so as you continue to age and see evidence of aging, you may want to schedule additional treatments. Your practitioner will work with you to develop a treatment plan and timeline that fits your schedule and suits your skin’s needs.

Reasons to Choose CO2 Treatments

These days, there are plenty of non-invasive skin treatments available. So, what makes CO2 treatments a stand-out option? Here are a few key benefits of these treatments when compared to other popular treatments for fine lines, uneven tone, and uneven texture.

Only One Session Is Needed: With many non-invasive, light and energy-based treatments, you need three or even six sessions in order to see your desired results. With CO2 resurfacing, only one session is typically needed. This saves you time and makes for easy scheduling.

It’s Precise: Your practitioner can easily manipulate the CO2 device to only treat the areas where it’s truly needed. This minimizes skin damage and can shorten the recovery time. You won’t have to deal with redness and puffiness over your whole face if you only needed your forehead treated.

It Works Quickly: There are countless creams, balms, and serums that promise to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Some of them are quite effective. However, it may take you months of twice-daily use to see results. With CO2 laser treatments, you start seeing results within a week or two. Plus, you don’t have to remember and follow a complex, multi-step routine.

CO2 is all around us, so why not harness its beneficial powers? That’s exactly what dermatologists and skincare professionals are doing with CO2 laser treatments. If you’re struggling with fine lines, discoloration, or uneven skin tone, you should absolutely talk with a practitioner about this and other options. Contact Balance MedSpa to schedule a consultation. We’ll take a look at your skin, discuss your goals, and let you know whether CO2 treatment is a good option for you.


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